Piperazzi on Sunday

This photo?
Also from Mario Tomasone. His words:
This happened at the 2008 Italian spring school solo piping competition. While Alan was playing his set, Poldo the St. Bernard entered the hall and sat comfortably near to Andrew and Karen enjoying the music.
He was so pleased that he relaxed laying down but since everybody was laughing so hard to be heard over Alan's pipes the head judge stopped the competition and asked me to get the "pup" out.
Try to drag out of a place where he's comfortable a 100 pounds St.Bernard!
No way to make him stand , no way to drag him out....
....luckiliy I found a spare sock left lying around from a competitor who changed to Highland dress just a few minutes before the competition actually started....and teasing the pup with it I "convinced" him to follow me out.

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