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For the week of July 21 to July 25, 2008

Piperazzi needs your help. This site is attracting more viewers every week but in order to maintain a high level level of interest, a good variety of photos and stories are needed on a regular basis. In the beginning there were many submissions from viewers but lately that number has declined and we are left with my not so extensive collection to choose from. Since my travels are now finished for this year, and in order to add to the interest here, I call on you all to submit your photos of interest for all to share. Don't be shy.

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This project is meant to bring back to the net an idea originally developed by Bob Dunsire.
For a period of nearly five years, Bob's Piping Photo of the Day, better known as PPOD, brought images from the piping World and related aspects for us all to enjoy.

When Bob was no longer able to keep up the site, he transformed it into an archive, still accessible from the link herein, so that we all could enjoy this resource.

After seeing many requests and also other ideas come and go to revive the PPOD, a decision was made to try and bring something of its like back into regular production.

After consulting with Bob's family and receiving their enthusiastic support, this small effort is the result.
Your photos are always welcome, and as you'll see I usually try to share at least a few viewer contributed photos each week.
Send them to:

If there is a short story behind your photo, include this in your email and I will place it with your image.

Please note:
If the images above look strange in proportions, you probably need to 'reload' or 'refresh' your browser's image of this page. The same is true if the full size photo differs from the small version above - 'reload' or 'refresh'.

For the present, and until we receive some more up to date photos from you, these will of necessity be images from my not so up to date collection.

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