Piperazzi on Monday

This photo?
This is the BCPA Board Pipe Band. It is formed each year for a one time performance. The band leads in the rest of the board at the annual dinner where they are introduced to the members, the better to enable them to know who to blame when things go wrong. The band is made up entirely of Board members.
From Left to right, Pres - P/M Graham Davidson, Dir. Tricia Chisamore, Trustee Ron Sutherland, Dir/Chief Steward. Lynn Bullis, Treas. _ L/D David Bruce, VP P/S Skye Richendrfer, Dir. Len Leroux, Trustee Ron MacLeod, Dir. Hal Senyk, Sec. Leslie Techy, Dir Miles Wilcott Dir. Damien Burliegh, Trustee, Bob McIlwaine.

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Unless noted otherwise, all of these photos were taken, and modified for this web page, by Ken MacKenzie.